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How we work.



We carry:

  • Men's & women's clothing & accessories

  • Current, classic, and vintage styles

  • One-of-a-kind item

  • Designer items

  • Handbags

  • Jewelry

  • Sunglasses    

Stop in and see our selection! 

Our stock includes new and recycled clothes with something for everybody. Because our merchandise is renewed by customers daily, each time you visit we have new inventory. Please note our return policy:  No returns, no exchanges, no refunds, no exceptions.  All items sold "as is".


We accept the following forms of payment:
Cash, Credit Card, Debit Cards & Store Gift Cards
*We do not accept personal checks


Trade cards:


You must have your trade card(s) physically present in order to use it as a form of payment. No exceptions. Treat your trade card as you would cash. Rag-O-Rama is not responsible for lost, stolen &/or unauthorized uses. Trade card(s) cannot be replaced.


The approach:

Rag-O-Rama is a resale store that pays Cash or Store credit on the spot for your gently used items. ​If you have not sold at Rag-O-Rama before, let us know and our buyers will explain how we work and our selling guidelines.

We purchase items based on: style, condition, season, label and rack levels.


Since merchandise that is bought over the buy counter is processed and put out on the sales floor immediately, it is recommended to stay with your buyer when your items are being processed. Our goal is to make sure our customers have a great experience selling their items, therefore if you have an item you do not want to sell, no problem, just stay with your buyer when your items are being processed.


what's in it for you?:
Of the items we select, you have your choice for payment: Cash or Store Credit.


We price the items, then pay you cash or store credit on the spot!
The choice is yours, but please remember to take any remaining items with you when you leave.

selling guidelines.

  1. You must have a valid physical US form of ID, such as current driver's license, government issued ID or passport.

  2. We are selective and buy approximately 10% of items brought to us.

  3. For those items we purchase, you receive a set percentage of the store's selling price in trade or cash.

  4. All items must be freshly laundered and clean.

  5. All items must be in a structured container/bag to be processed, no hangers. Any & all loose items will not be processed. 

  6. Each seller is limited to the below number of structured containers or bags per sign-in.

  7. Customers are limited to sell once a week at only one Rag-O-Rama location.  

  8. Customers are not permitted to use their ID to sell another customers belongings.

  9. The cash option is only available on the same day that you sell.

  10. Cash values $30 & up will be issued, in their entirety, in the form of a check.
    Atlanta Ga store Chase Bank Customers:  Please note only a deposit option is available at Chase Bank.

  11. No negotiations on prices.

  12. Since we don't give you an itemized list of the items we're buying from you, you may wish to stay at the buy counter to watch us work.

  13. Rag-O-Rama is not responsible for any items left unattended.  Items that are not picked up and left overnight are discarded.

  14. Click here for your local Rag-O-Rama's buy counter hours of operation.

  15. Please note at our discretion, large jewelry buys are by appointment only.

Bag Limit Guide:

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